The Corronheld Passing

There is a place where truth is, literally, a two-edged sword.  And it cuts both ways. 

Abducted, taken to a near-cousin world, she is to be made into a weapon of destruction.  Wrapping himself in duty and grief, he turns a blind eye to the resident nature of the coming darkness.  Then the Passing is triggered.  The lives of all past rulers flood into the wrong person.   Now both of them, and all they hold dear, are in peril.  Yes, there is magic to be practiced in this place, but the cost is tragically high.

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The Hours of Under:  First Book of the Underoveron trilogy

Harbingers of disaster, the Bittercalls herald a swift decline into chaos for the people of Under.  Are the secret-holders of Over to blame?  Have the destiny weavers of On predicted their own destruction? 

"Over the silvered pool he leaned, his breath making the slightest of ripples.  He waited for them to soften away so that he might see himself clearly.  And he did.  He saw the grime of the journey.  He saw, not gold, but sprigs and leaves jutting this way and that.  He saw, not a small god, but an ailing creature, wings limp and torn, no longer shining but dull and veined.  In shock, he reached up to touch the thing, watching himself move in the stillness of the waters. Fingers on the being, and then a spasm of agony.  His scream tore the forest into pieces, shattered the light, terrified the pleybirds into scattered flight.  Just the one, tormented cry and the sovereign, Lord Paell, was flung into darkness." 

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