Left-handed, an only child, AND a preacher's kid

It's a marvel I survived this long.  But the person and the writer I am continually in the act of becoming owes much to those formative parameters.  More...

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I've been a rabid reader since forever. Here are some of the books that left deep impressions.

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"Listen to the Print"

In May's edition of Author online magazine, you can find my short article on one of the scarier, and most effective, opportunities for making a story better.    


"Phil Goes for Coffee Again" - a short, short story

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Published in Author, the Pacific Northwest Writers Association online magazine, this short, short story presents a fictional view of the realities of a writer's life.  Spoiler alert:  Stealth observational skills for writers are revealed, along with suburban egg sightings.  May cause hankering for caffeine.